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Migration trailer reveals the movie isn't about what you think

The makers of The Super Mario Bros. Movie will show us what it could be like for birds to migrate for the first time if they didn't know where to go.

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Illumination surprised many of us when they decided to release the first teaser trailer for their next movie the same day as The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiered, but the video didn't tell us especially much about the plot in Migration. This makes today's trailer all the more surprising.

That's because it reveals that Migration won't take us on an adventure showing a funny interpretation of what it's like for ducks to fly towards warmer parts of the world when winter closes in. Turns out, Kumail Nanjiani and Elizabeth Banks' family end up flying the wrong way and therefor spend parts of the movie realising that New York City is a very dangerous place for feathered creatures what haven't left a New England pond before. Not that all birds that have lived in the "Big Apple" a while do any better. I'm looking at you, Awkwafina's pigeon.

Migration will fly its way into cinemas on the 22nd of December.


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