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Mightier is a gaming platform for helping mental health

It can be more effective than medication for some symptoms.

Video games often interact with health and medicine in a number of ways, and Mightier is one such example, as it's a gaming platform that's built to help children with mental health issues, so we caught up with Trevor Stricker recently to talk a bit more about what the platform does and how effective it is.

"We're a game platform and we help kids build emotional regulation, and we've actually done clinical research, science, that shows we can be more effective than medication, for certain symptoms," he said.

"So kids play games, and they wear a heart rate monitor - sort of like a Fitbit or an Apple Watch - and when the tension in the game causes their heart rate to go up, the game can sense it, and if I'm being honest with you, we're kind of jerks; we make the game more difficult," he continued when talking about how it works. "So to keep playing they have to calm themselves down, and it turns out that this intentionally calming yourself down in the moment exercises and strengthens your inner emotional regulation."

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Mightier is a gaming platform for helping mental health

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