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Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express' Switch version will not be coming next week as planned

The PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions will however.

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Humble Games has revealed that the upcoming action beat em' up game, Midnight Fight Express will not be releasing on the Nintendo Switch as planned on August 23. As noted in a statement on Twitter, we're told that it will instead be coming a few weeks later than planned.

As for why, the developer stated, "At the last minute, we ran into an unexpected problem that would require our patch sizes to be larger than what we feel is reasonable for players on a handheld console. We want all players to enjoy potential future fixes and patches in a timely manner and in sync with other platforms. We know this, unfortunately, leads to Switch players having to initially wait, but we ultimately want to ensure the best experience possible for all our players."

Humble Games has added that it intends to release the Switch version in late September, but that it will announce a new release date as soon as it has confirmed it.

The PC, PlayStation, and Xbox editions of the game will launch, as planned, next week on August 23.

Midnight Fight Express

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