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Microsoft's Xbox mini-fridges will be widely available this year

The first prototypes arrived at Microsoft a couple of weeks ago.

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Microsoft made fun of memes about Xbox Series X looking like a refrigerator, by actually sending fully working refrigerators to famous influencers at the time of the console launching. This led to one of the weirdest and funniest stories from this spring, as a voting competition hosted by Twitter called #BestOfTweets ended up with Xbox winning in the finals against Skittles (we said it was weird!).

The Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg had beforehand promised that Microsoft would develop and sell mini-refrigerators looking like Xbox Series X if they won, and it turns out he aims to keep this as he two weeks ago said that Microsoft had gotten the first prototypes. And it won't be a super limited product either, as a fan asked him yesterday if it will be "widely available"</>, to which Greenberg replied <em>"That's the plan!", and also added that they will launch "later this year".

Basically, if your gaming-den isn't complete without a mini-fridge looking like an Xbox Series X, Microsoft got you covered.

Microsoft's Xbox mini-fridges will be widely available this year

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