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Halo Infinite

Microsoft's Clippy mascot has made it into Halo Infinite

We won't be getting a Cortana AI anytime soon, but an animated paperclip has arrived as a weapon charm.

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The new season of Halo Infinite has been a conflicting one for fans of the game, as the roadmap really didn't provide a whole lot for dedicated fans to get excited for. But regardless, the new season is here, and has brought with it a new Battle Pass that includes a surprise crossover with a Microsoft icon: Clippy.

That's right, while 343 Industries has stated that it won't be bringing Cortana to the Halo Infinite multiplayer as an AI at least in the foreseeable future, the developer has decided to bring the animated paperclip that used to serve as a guide in Microsoft Word.

Clippy is available in two forms; one as part of a player banner, and also as a weapon charm, meaning you can bring the forgotten icon along for your multiplayer bloodlust.

Take a look at both as shown by the senior product manager for Xbox hardware, James Shields.

Halo Infinite

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