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Microsoft working hard to meet "unprecedented demand"

Educational Minecraft content made available for younger gamers, while the Xbox team is working hard to optimise services.

Microsoft has issued a statement that outlines its commitment to supporting the Xbox community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirming "unprecedented demand for gaming from our customers" after huge numbers of people were sent home from work to the safety of their homes.

Part of this commitment means free educational materials for Minecraft have been made available until June 30, 2020 (more on that here). The content offering features some interesting creations for inquisitive minds to explore and, among other things, there's a tour of the International Space Station.

"We understand the important role gaming is playing right now to connect people and provide joy in these isolating and stressful times, and our teams are working diligently to ensure we can be there for our players," Spencer writes.

"To that end, we are actively monitoring performance and usage trends to ensure we're optimizing the service for our customers worldwide and accommodating for new growth and demand."

Microsoft working hard to meet "unprecedented demand"

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