Microsoft to flesh out second tier launch in September

GotY Editions to be released at knock-down prices.

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Microsoft is set to fatten the launch line up for Xbox One (September 5th) in second tier territories, by releasing the console alongside last year's Xbox exclusives, as Game of the Year editions, each at a cheaper price. We got confirmation of that from André Cardoso, at Microsoft Portugal:

"The previous Xbox One exclusives will be avaiable at launch at a cheaper price. For now we can only confirm our own games, we're still waiting on third party games [like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag] to create a backcataloge. We expect to lauch the GOTY editions for our own games, like Forza 5 Motorsport and Ryse: Son of Rome, at a cheaper price. We're still figuring out the exact price."

We also asked Xbox product marketing officer, Jim McMullin, if the busy release schedule around that time was done to boost the launch of Xbox One on September 5:

"A lot of portfolios are stocked in september, those two things are necessarily linked. I think that we're launching as soon as we can, I think that we want the best experience for launch, I also think that those big titles are going to be really exciting."

Microsoft to flesh out second tier launch in SeptemberMicrosoft to flesh out second tier launch in September

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