Microsoft teases a Minecraft AR game

We need to tune in on May 17 to find out what this teaser is about, but it looks to be an AR title set in Mojang's sandbox universe.

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Minecraft has been in the news a fair bit in the last few weeks, whether that's due to a sizeable donation to a clean water charity or a big update affecting Villagers in the game, but now a new video from Microsoft has teased something rather different for Mojang's sandbox.

This video - simply titled 'What's Minecraft up to?' - teases what looks to be an augmented reality (AR) game in the universe, with a phone screen showing a Minecraft pig on the street, along with some rather terrifying life-size Villagers making noises next to the player.

We're advised to tune into the Minecraft site on May 17 to find out more, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Minecraft move into AR. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and the mighty Pokémon Go are both showing that it can be a popular idea, after all, and Microsoft has experience in the AR field with technology like the HoloLens.

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