Microsoft plans to get around Apple's App Store rules with xCloud

A loophole could bring the game streaming service to the platform.

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As you are probably aware, Microsoft launched its streaming service xCloud for Android last month. Thanks to this, you can now play all your Xbox Game Pass-titles with smartphones or tablets as long as you have 4G/5G or Wifi connection. Ideally, this would have been released for iOS as well, but that didn't happen as Apple simply declined it, as it doesn't allow streaming-apps for games like Stadia and xCloud as it can not approve each and every game available from these services.

But according to the previous Apple App Store director Phil Shoemaker, Apple's resistance simply comes from the fact that Stadia and xCloud are competing with Apple's own app Apple Arcade. The Xbox team headlined by Phil Spencer hasn't given up though, and according to Business Insider they are now preparing to get around Apple's rules. According to Spencer, they will do this by releasing a "direct browser-based solution" and he adds that "we absolutely will end up on iOS."

Amazon reportedly also considers a browser-based solution for Apple with its upcoming game streaming app Luna, so it seems like the current set of rules are giving Apple users a lesser experience. The fact that Apple allows Netflix and Spotify to stream without insisting to approve their content is, according to themselves, due to the fact that games are interactive. Why this matter so much is unknown, but we assume it is just tactics to prevent competitors, as Shoemaker says.

But xCloud is in fact coming for more platforms that iOS as well. As Gamereactor reported two days ago, Microsoft is also planning to release its game streaming service for both PC and the Xbox consoles.

Microsoft plans to get around Apple's App Store rules with xCloud

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