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Microsoft launches Activision Blizzard site introducing their plans

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In 7-8 months from now, it's expected that Microsoft will finalise its purchase of Activision Blizzard, which is both the biggest video game industry acquisition of all time and also Microsoft's biggest of all time. We've had plenty of signs that show the magnitude of this deal lately as there's been arguments between mainly Microsoft and Sony about what this means for the future, something we never see otherwise.

And now we've had another sign, as Microsoft has launched a dedicated homepage just to explain what it all means. The site is surprisingly meaty with several quotes from involved people, information about everything and even charts.

Amongst other things, Microsoft claims them buying Activision Blizzard will give us "More games on more devices including Xbox, PlayStation, phones and online". They also say it would be beneficial as it would offer a "Choice in how and where people buy games with subscription and one-off purchase options", since the Activision Blizzard titles would be included with Game Pass.

It also seems like Microsoft wants a piece of the mobile gaming market, presumably with Xbox Cloud Gaming, as it looks like they will try to offer an alternative to App Store and Google Play. They list this as a player benefit: "For the 95% of gamers who play on phones, alternatives to gaming offerings from the dominant mobile platforms". They also list this as a benefit for the entire industry: "More competition in mobile, where a couple of big players dominate".

Do you think Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard will be approved, or will it somehow be stopped?

Microsoft launches Activision Blizzard site introducing their plans

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