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Microsoft is flexible on the Xbox Series X price tag

Phil Spencer says the next Xbox is supported by MS leadership and they can "stay agile" with the planned pricing for the console.

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We've seen a lot of the Xbox Series X already, and we know about some of the games and the system specs. More and more things are also being revealed about PlayStation 5. However, one thing that is completely secret for both consoles is their eventual price tags.

In early February, Sony told Forbes that they can't reveal this yet, as they are waiting to see what Microsoft will charge for its console.

And guess what, now Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer has said roughly the same thing in an interview with IGN's Podcast Unlocked:

"You have to set a price target at the beginning for yourselves and then you kind of roll in as you see the competition come in and you start to do your go-to-market planning. I feel good about the price that we're going to be able to get to. I feel good about the price and the performance capabilities that we have with Series X."

Even if Microsoft has a target price tag in mind, it is still something that could change. Spencer explained:

"We're getting incredible support from Microsoft. Satya Nadella, the CEO, my boss, Amy Hood, the CFO, they're very linked in to what our plans are. We're going to make sure that we stay agile on our pricing and that we have a good plan going into launch."

So, basically Sony is waiting for Microsoft and Microsoft is waiting for Sony. With that being the case, it could be a while before the final prices are revealed...

Microsoft is flexible on the Xbox Series X price tag

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