Crackdown 3

Microsoft is exploring "uncharted territory" with Crackdown 3

With the release of Crackdown 3 right around the corner, we sat down with the team behind it for an interview.

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We're getting closer and closer to the release of the bombastic action game Crackdown 3, but before the bomb drops we had a conversation with Dave Johnson, Senior Art Director at Microsoft Studios, about the game as we creep closer to launch.

One of the more interesting things about Crackdown 3, apart from the over-the-top art style and gameplay, is undoubtedly the fact that the in-game world is fully explorable from the get-go with no objective restrictions, not to mention the altering of the game world in single as well as multiplayer.

"I think that's one of the really neat things and one of the really engaging things about the way we have structured the campaign," said Johnson. "If a player wants to, right out of the gate, the moment they fire up a game, go take on the ultimate kingpin in the game, they can do so."

We also talked a bit about the multiplayer, which uses cloud technology to make everything destructible in the maps:

"That was brand new technology, it was something that hadn't been done before, so it was really uncharted territory."

"Once you take a step back and you watch somebody else play the game and you see exactly everything going on around them as far as the destruction and the debris and the explosions and the gunfire and the tracers and all that kind of stuff, you quickly understand just how exciting this is for the future of games."

As for the energy and personality the game possesses, Johnson sent some praise Terry Crews' way.

"If you go back and you play those first two games, they never took themselves too seriously, they were pretty light-hearted games in general in terms of the humour," he explained. "We layered on the one-man energy bomb that is Terry Crews. I mean, the guy just exudes energy. He's full of life and he's super funny and really engaging and that's kind of the spirit that we wanted to embody with the game as well."

Will you be exploring uncharted territory with Terry Crews when Crackdown 3 launches on February 15 for Windows PC and Xbox One?

Crackdown 3

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