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Microsoft hopes to release a new game every quarter

The company now has a vast portfolio of developers under its wing.

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One thing that Microsoft has really improved upon over the past couple of years is first-party content. The Xbox One in its earlier years was barren of exciting exclusive content outside of long established franchise such as Halo, Forza, and Gears of War. Microsoft heard this criticism loud and clear and later acquired a whole slew of developers including Playground Games, Ninja Theory, and Double Fine Productions. The company even made the move to purchase Bethesda and ID Software parent company ZeniMax Online in 2020 for an eye watering $7.5 billion in cash.

Within a recent pre-E3 showcase, that we were able to attend, Matt Booty, Head of Microsoft Studios, stated that due to this increase effort first-party content will be releasing at an increased rate. He said: "In terms of the overall line-up, we want to get to a point of releasing a new game every quarter." He later added: "We know that a thriving entertainment service needs a consistent and exciting flow of new content. So our portfolio will continue to grow as our service grows."

Would more frequent release incentivise you to purchase a new Xbox console?

Microsoft hopes to release a new game every quarter

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