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Microsoft has made it easier to play digital Xbox games offline

The Xbox DRM system has been updated to make it less aggressive.

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If you've ever tried to play a digital game offline but have been stopped because your console was unable to check if you actually owned the product, you can thank the platform's DRM (digital rights management) for it.

This has been quite a big problem for Xbox consoles over the years, with players often unable to dive into digital games they own when there isn't an available online connection, but fortunately, Microsoft has been tackling the situation.

As reported on by Windows Central, Xbox's engineering lead, Eden Marie, has confirmed that a recent new Xbox update has lowered the amount of DRM checks that an Xbox console must complete. It is noted that this will likely not affect important day one updates that a lot of games get these days, but regardless, it should make it easier to play games offline.

Microsoft has made it easier to play digital Xbox games offline

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