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Microsoft has added Xbox Game Pass titles worth over $6300 this year

The biggest month was around the time when Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft.

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There's a reason Xbox Game Pass is often called "the best deal in gaming" today. Today, it is the product Microsoft is betting the most on and as we know, all their games, Bethesda's and even many other third party titles come directly to the service, which therefore increases in value.

But how much value does it really contain? The Loadout has now published a report calculating how much all the games added to the service in 2021 are worth in total. In total, titles worth $6317.35 have been added this year.

We also learn that the best month in terms of value was around the Bethesda purchase in March, when several of their titles were added. In total, the service then grew by $960 worth of games. This was followed in turn by the cheapest month of the year when we "only" got $330.91 worth of games.

To sum it up, calling Xbox Game Pass "the best deal in gaming" does indeed makes sense, and next year is looking outright crazy.

Microsoft has added Xbox Game Pass titles worth over 00 this year

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