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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator will offer incredibly realistic airports

We already knew how gorgeous the aeroplanes and skies would be, but now we know that having our planes on the ground will be a treat for the eyes as well.

Even the very first trailer we got from Microsoft Flight Simulator made it clear that Asobo's anticipated game would be one of the prettiest we've ever seen with its stunning skies and ultra-realistic aeroplanes. But what about the details on the ground? Turns out those will be real lookers as well.

Xbox Game Studios has released a new developer diary where Sven Mestas, Microsoft Flight Simulator's Lead Game Designer, explains and shows the insane amount of detail in the game's airports. The final game will include every airport in the world, which isn't especially surprising when we know they're using real satellite data. What's more impressive is that they've edited 37,000 of these by hand to make sure the environment looks just like real life, the ground traffic behaves the way it should, has animated windsocks and more.

On top of that, 80 of the world's most famous and iconic airports will be given even more attention. These will offer more detailed architecture, realistic gateways and other impressive details you can see and learn more about in the video below.

In short, Microsoft Flight Simulator sure seems to be living up to most, if not all, of the fans' hopes and dreams. Or are you still missing something?

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