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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator mod features cargo shop stuck in Suez canal

Matt Velloso, technical advisor at Microsoft, was quick to share the topical mod on Twitter.

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Probably the hottest topic last week was how a +400 meter long cargo ship got stuck in the Suez canal, with an expected cost of $400 million per hour while goods are stuck on ships waiting. Fortunately, all the hundreds of millions of pandemic experts on Twitter transformed into experts on on dislocating massive cargo ship and have been sharing helpful tweets and conspiracy theories ever since.

Somebody wanted to experience this first hand and decided to mod the Ever Given (the ship's name) into Microsoft Flight Simulator so you could fly there yourself and take a look. The result was shared in a short video on Twitter by Matt Velloso, who is top technical advisor at Microsoft.

Quite cool and a very current thing to do, don't you think?

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Thanks, GeekWire

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