Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Microsoft denies rumours about Final Fantasy VII Remake on Xbox

It was an error, not a tease.

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Recently, we wondered if the PlayStation-exclusive Final Fantasy VII: Remake was coming to Xbox, due to Microsoft's Brazilian social media account including the game in a Father's Day post celebrating dads in gaming, including that of FFVII's Barrett.

Now, however, Microsoft has unfortunately gone out and officially denied the post. In a message to Eurogamer they write:

"The image was posted in error and removed as it included a title not available on Xbox"

But we shouldn't completely write off the possibility that Final Fantasy VII: Remake could come to Xbox at some point in the future. Even though the series is not very prominent on Microsoft's console, the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV will actually be released on Xbox next year, ten years after the regular launch.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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