Crackdown 2

Microsoft continue to tease Crackdown return

Company respond to game nod during Xbox One Reveal show.

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"It wasn't accidental. Definitely."

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has been talking to IGN during E3 about the iconic Crackdown orb that appeared on screen during the company's Xbox One Reveal event.

The VP stated that he didn't "think Crackdown is dead at all", and went on to make the following (rather vague) statement: "[the] natural progression for a game like Crackdown - and you see this showing up on our stage - is in these living, open worlds that live in the cloud".

The original Crackdown, released in 2007 by Realtime Worlds on Xbox 360, drew acclaim for its enjoyable sandbox world populated by superhuman cops. The game recieved a sequel in 2010, created by Ruffian Games (which housed ex-Realtime Worlds staff).

Crackdown 2

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