Microsoft considers raising (again) the price of Game Pass Ultimate

In addition, it is still being decided whether Call of Duty will be a Day 1 launch on the service.

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It is hard to understand the decisions being made at the highest level within Microsoft and Xbox. The dismissal of 1,900 Activision Blizzard employees earlier this year, followed this week by the closure of four studios, and now also in the process of downsizing Zenimax (and surely more closures). A discouraging situation that every gamer knows is not good for either the Xbox platform or the industry in general.

And if Tom Warren's new report in The Verge is confirmed, popular support for Xbox will suffer even more. Xbox is reportedly considering raising the price of Game Pass Ultimate membership again. Warren stresses that these are just considerations for now, but the decision could be made depending on plans for the launch of the next Call of Duty, rumoured to be the dedicated event that will take place in June after the Xbox Games Showcase.

Apparently, the internal debate is whether Call of Duty - a series with multi-million dollar production costs - is viable as a business to launch on Game Pass. "My understanding is that this is a debate that has been going on internally for quite some time, with some concerned that the revenue Call of Duty typically generates for Activision Blizzard will be eroded by Game Pass."

It seems that Game Pass isn't currently generating enough profit to balance out the cost of Call of Duty, and that Xbox is in a tricky position of its own making. We may know more next month when the events kick off in Los Angeles, but one thing is clear: Something has to change at Xbox.

Microsoft considers raising (again) the price of Game Pass Ultimate

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