Microsoft confirms they're in talks with Sony about crossplay

According to head of marketing at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg.

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Gamescom 2017 is in full swing and we caught up with the head of marketing at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg in Cologne, speaking with him at length about the new titles coming to the Xbox One X and the recently announced Scorpio edition, although one topic we also touched on was that of crossplay between different platforms.

When asked if Microsoft had been discussing things further with Sony after their reluctance to partake in the Minecraft crossplay saga, this was Greenberg's response:

"Absolutely, yeah. We're talking to Sony [about crossplay], we do partner with them on Minecraft and of course we would like to enable them to be part of that; one community, to unite gamers. So we're talking to them and we're hopeful that they'll be supportive of it."

A short and sweet response from Mr Greenberg, but promising all the same. What game do you hope receives cross-platform support? Check out the full interview below and let us know in the comments.


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