Halo: Reach

Microsoft celebrates "monumental" PC launch of Halo: Reach

Reach made its debut on PC and Xbox One in its remastered form earlier this month, and it was received well.

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Halo: Reach has only just been launched on PC as part of The Master Chief Collection's debut on the platform, and Microsoft is celebrating a "momentous launch" for the franchise, which also brought Reach to Xbox One in its remastered form as well.

Almost three million players visited The Master Chief Collection on PC and Xbox One during the launch week, and it was the best-selling game on Steam during launch week. On top of that, it also became the highest-ranking debut for an Xbox Game Studios title on Steam.

It was popular on Twitch as well, becoming the most-watched title on the platform on launch day, with three million hours of Halo streams consumed during launch week too.

If you'd like to hear our thoughts on Halo: Reach's return, make sure to check out our review after we dived back into the nine-year-old title.

Have you had a chance to try it out yet?

Halo: Reach

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