Killer Instinct

Microsoft cancelled Killer Instinct tournament so people wouldn't think a sequel was coming

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Yesterday, tournament organiser Connor Kelly took the opportunity to tell a really strange story on X about a fighting event. He was working for Microsoft-owned Start.GG and kicked off work on a fancy Killer Instinct tournament, which also had $1500 in prize money.

It was a success from the start and many people wanted to participate. You might think that everyone would be happy, not least Microsoft. But... that wasn't the case. Microsoft didn't like the idea at all, and according to Kelly, they specifically asked after that that he would never run a big Killer Instinct competition again.

Why, you might ask? Well, Microsoft was afraid that people would interpret a semi-official tournament as a sign that a new game was on the way, and so they didn't want Kelly to organise one. The game was better off dead, in other words.

A rather strange story that is certainly one-sided, but Connor Kelly is reliable and has no reason to make this up. It seems to be simply a case of a particularly big brain fart on Microsoft's part.

Killer Instinct

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