Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Michael Scott in Mass Effect seems a perfect replacement for Commander Shepard

After watching this you might want to boot up the games for one more run as the world's best boss.

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Mass Effect is an incredibly popular series, and among the adoring fans who create loving tributes, there are also going to be those who show their love for the games through memes.

In the past, we've seen British super spy Austin Powers in Mass Effect, but now Michael Scott from the US Office has made his way onto the Normandy, in a brilliantly edited video.

Compiling some of Michael's best moments with the many crewmates Shepard can recruit for the Normandy, the Michael Scott in Mass Effect video is certainly one to watch for fans of either the games or the show.

If anything, seeing this video has made me want a full mod that brings the goofy office boss into the games as a playable character.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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