Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

MHW Iceborne rewards those who help others level up

You'll need to be a certain level to access the expansion this month, and there's an incentive to helping people out.

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Monster Hunter World is getting the Iceborne expansion on September 6, but you'll need to be Rank 16 first, and that's not an easy feat for newbies. That said, directors Kaname Fujioka and Daisuke Ichihara have revealed to Eurogamer that a system is coming to incentivise master hunters lending a helping hand to those of a lower level.

"The great thing about Iceborne is it's fully integrated with World in terms of online, so people who've got Iceborne can still play the World quests online with people who are still on World. Of course, with Iceborne you have to buy it to play it, but we've also got a system in place called Hunter Helper, so if you haven't finished World yet and want to catch up so you can play Iceborne, your friends who are a higher rank than you will actually get rewards by playing quests with you and helping you finish up your storyline," they said.

"We understand there are people who are still part-way along the journey on this game, and we can reassure them it's definitely something you don't need to think 'it's not for you' just because you haven't finished yet, or because you still haven't reached a certain rank. After all, hunting a monster by yourself is fine, but when you're playing multiplayer, it opens up a great new world of helping each other out and being able to combine your strategies, and that's still the same in Iceborne."

While Rank 16 is definitely not beginner, that doesn't mean that it's exclusively for those who have completed absolutely everything in the base game either, as the directors added the following:

"It isn't like Iceborne is endgame content, it isn't something that is only playable if you've completely mastered everything about the game and you're a super hardcore player. I think if you're someone who's played a lot and enjoyed it and you've beaten the game, no matter whether you are within that hardcore fan level, or you consider yourself not that hardcore, Iceborne is still for you. Iceborne itself has its own endgame content, which is the super challenging stuff that fans can beat after the story is cleared in the same way as World did, but Iceborne is definitely for anyone who likes Monster Hunter World and wants more, bigger and better."

Will you be helping newcomers, or are you the one that'll be helped?

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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