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MGS remake was mistranslation

Kojima: "It was mistranslated from our side."

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Earlier in the week we published an interview with Hideo Kojima where, among other things, it was noted that he was actively looking for a studio to remake the first two Metal Gear Solid games using the Fox Engine.

Sadly, for fans of the series, it seems that this is not the case, as Kojima has taken to Twitter to explain that it was merely a mistranslation by his interpreter.

"Regarding the rumor from yesterday, checked the data recording of the actual interview. It was mistranslated from our side," Kojima said, before adding: "Chris, my interpreter answered in different nuance that made this consquence. I on the other hand, answered w/ bit of lip service."

"I answered "You (the journalist) wanted me to do MGS2 on Fox Engine but I cannot do. I wish if only someone could make MGS1 on Fox Engine. However, Chris mistranlated as "Personally he would like have MGS1 on Fox Engine, so he try to find someone right now to do that." NOOOOO!!!"

There is some hope at the end of the tunnel, after the last tweet revealed that although there's nothing in the works, a remake is still something he'd be interested in: "Well, if there's some creator or team in this world who has love and passion to remake "MGS1", I would love to ask for it."

Metal Gear Solid

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