MGS movie uses an "unexpected, Kojima-sanesque" narrative

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts tells us about a mysterious, disruptive trick they're applying to the Metal Gear Solid film's timelines and characters.

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The official Metal Gear Solid movie was planned to release in 2021 but the difficult working conditions under current circumstances due to COVID-19 might postpone production a little bit. However, that doesn't mean we can't investigate on our own and even interrogate someone like director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to try and decipher some intel regarding its potential plot and characters. And that's precisely what we did as part of Gamereactor's Gamelab Live 2020 coverage as official media partner.

The director behind Kong: Skull Island and The Kings of Summer had plenty to talk about, as you can see for yourself in the video interview above (check here for the interview transcript if you prefer to read through it). But for fans, it'll be interesting to note the several characters and storylines he mentions, as well as the intriguing plot device he goes back to again and again.

"There's a device that we have in the script, that I love", he teases, "that really plays into like some of the core thematics. A big part of those games for Kojima fundamentally is asking how do we make ourselves whole again? And the cycle of pain that world is caught in, that the soldiers, in particular, are caught in. And so for me there's a device that we're playing with that, I think, it's not what the Edge of Tomorrow thing does, but in the same way that that is like thinking outside the box, we're applying I think a very unexpected, very Kojima-sanesque 'fucking with your audience' but in a way that allows you to properly tell the story. In a way that, those games felt disruptive because they fucked with the format and they challenged your expectations of games".

During the full interview, Vogt-Roberts comes back to this "cycle of pain" and that "disruptive" narrative mechanic that the movie's artists have described as "oh shit, that's so smart, I would never have expected that" or like "wow, that is very Metal Gear in an unexpected way", and it turns out that "the timeline itself sort of plays directly into the unexpected device and the cycle of pain".

Edge of Tomorrow, Snowpiercer and some of the Kojima influences are mentioned during the conversation, along with plenty of Metal Gear characters and situations (with The Boss' and Snake's journeys being recurrent topics). Do you expect some sort of time-bending narrative in the MGS movie?

MGS movie uses an "unexpected, Kojima-sanesque" narrative

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