Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus' Two Colonels DLC releases with new trailer

Retrace Colonel Khlebnikov's steps as Colonel Miller, using your flamethrower to help you out along the way.

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Deep Silver and 4A Games may have released Metro Exodus back in February, but the story wasn't done there, as the first piece of story DLC for the game has now arrived, and we even have a brand new trailer to celebrate the launch of The Two Colonels.

This story revolves around Colonel Khlebnikov, whose story is being retraced by Colonel Miller, and there are spoilers inside for those who haven't finished the campaign yet. Those who have done, however, can watch the new trailer below at their leisure.

You'll be exploring Novosibirsk, and we're told that we can expect "classic Metro gameplay" as per usual. We'll get a new weapon to help us though, this being the flamethrower, which should prove useful when dealing with the slime and worms we'll encounter.

There are screenshots below the trailer as well, showcasing what we can expect. Have you completed Exodus yet?

Metro Exodus
Metro ExodusMetro Exodus
Metro ExodusMetro ExodusMetro Exodus

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