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Metro Exodus second story DLC will release on February 11

Deep Silver and 4A Games have detailed Metro Exodus' second story DLC. Sam's Story will release in February.

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Sam's Story, the second major story DLC for 4A Games' Metro Exodus is set to release on February 11 for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia and Xbox One, the developer and publisher Deep Silver announced just recently. Sam's Story will follow Sam, a Spartan Ranger and former US Marine that followed Artyom out of the Metro's tunnels, on a journey he wishes to take him back to his home of the USA.

The DLC will be set in an "expansive sandbox survival level" and will feature a "gripping storyline" with new characters to meet, weapons to shoot, mutants to kill and a new open environment to explore.

For those interested, the DLC will be available for purchase here or on your format store of choice on February 11. Those who purchased the season pass will see it included, as well as the previous DLC The Two Colonels.

Will you venture back into Metro Exodus come February?

Metro Exodus
Metro ExodusMetro Exodus
Metro ExodusMetro ExodusMetro Exodus

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