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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus has sold 8.5 million units since launch

With this popularity, surely we're not at the end of the line just yet.

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With Embracer recently giving us some information on its Q4 2023 financial results, we're able to see how well a lot of the games published under its giant banner have done. Even for less recent titles, like 2019's Metro Exodus, we're seeing impressive figures.

Exodus set a new high for the franchise, selling 8.5 million units and reaching 10 million players around the world. With this kind of popularity, you'd expect that this isn't the end for the franchise.

Back in February, we reported that Metro Exodus' sequel was playable from start to finish, so hopefully there's a chance we could see something revealed about it soon. Obviously, there are a lot of big events coming up next month, so perhaps then we'll be able to catch a glimpse.

Metro Exodus

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