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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus and Gylt are both free on Stadia next month

The pair of titles are going to be free on Google's streaming platform in February.

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Google Stadia landed in our living rooms last November, and gradually began to flesh out the library of games that are available for free for subscribers to the Stadia Pro service.

In the past few hours, the Mountain View-based company has announced the games that will be available to Pro subscribers starting from February 1 - Metro Exodus and Gylt - the latter being the only real exclusive game for the platform to date (you can read our review here if you want to know more).

You still have time to play Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration or Samurai Showdown for free, at least until the end of January. Destiny 2, Thumper, and Farming Simulator 19 remain free.

Metro Exodus

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