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Metro Exodus

Metro creator apologises to fans over Epic situation

Dmitry Glukhovsky has released a video statement on Facebook addressing fans, and hopes they'll still stick with the series.

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Ever since Metro Exodus was revealed as exclusive to the Epic Games Store for PC there has been a lot of talk about the decision, including the original creator of the series Dmitry Glukhovsky remarking that "I am standing by and watching it be killed".

Recently though Glukhovsky has taken to his official Facebook page to release an official video statement on the matter, in which he apologises to fans of the series if they feel upset by the decision with the latest game:

"More than 20 years I've been working to bring the story [...] to different media, including the video games thanks to the support, help, and heroic efforts from the part of 4A. The efforts were truly outstanding, and so is the outcome of their efforts, the new Metro Exodus game coming out in just a week from now."

"I'm very sorry about those of you who wanted it and expected it to release on Steam and who were misled by the move by the publisher. I understand that the publisher fully and uniquely financed the developer of these games, so I trust them for the correctness of this solution."

"Again, we're all very sorry that you're hurt. We just hope that you will not betray us, just as we're staying always faithful to you, bringing the uncompromised story and uncompromised quality of experience."

This is the latest in a series of statements released on the matter, as a 4A Games developer sparked concern when they indicated there might not be a PC release in the future given the outrage over this game, something the game's official Twitter account swiftly denied. We also had THQ Nordic - owner of Deep Silver and Koch Media - saying that the Epic Games Store decision was entirely on the latter.

It doesn't seem like the conversation around the exclusivity deal is stopping anytime soon then, but with the game out next Friday we don't have long to wait until we can see what the finished product is like, either on PC or consoles.

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Metro Exodus
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