Metal Guts

Metal Guts sees you platform in the body of an android

Toco's founder Luc Le Dauphin joined us for a chat to explain the concept at Gamescom in Cologne.

We've been spotting quite a few indie games at Gamescom this year, one of which is Toco's Metal Guts, and we actually spoke to founder Luc Le Dauphin at the show in Cologne so that he could give us all the information on this title.

"Metal Guts is a platformer inside a giant android, so you have to move through the android while it's dying," he said. "Everything's going to fall apart, so you have to move the environment around you, you have to dash against walls to dodge the dangers, and that's it."

In the full interview below we also hear about the story that jumps between various points, as well as the abilities that Toco is planning for the full game.

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