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Metal Gear Solid Remaster Announcement Could be Coming Soon

It is rumoured to be revealed by May at the latest.

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A lot of rumours centred around a potential Metal Gear Solid remake have been popping up online as of late, and it was believed there could have even been an official announcement at The Game Awards this past year.

However, it appears, according to Spanish gaming site Areajugones, that we will be getting a reveal soon, perhaps in February or March. At the very latest, we're to expect news on the game by May.

Even though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it appears more a matter of when than if regarding these remakes. There have also been recent rumours around Sony unveiling third-party content, which has only stoked the fires of these Metal Gear remaster rumours.

It is believed that Metal Gear Solid and MGS 2 will be getting remastered, with the full remake treatment going to Metal Gear Solid 3. Still, many would be happy to see an updated version of the classic games, whether that comes in a simple remaster or full remake.

Metal Gear Solid Remaster Announcement Could be Coming Soon

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