Meta Gaming's Overwatch player Happy gets another chance

He's in the Season 2 roster for the Contenders competition in Korea.

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If you weren't aware, Meta Gaming's Overwatch player Lee 'Happy' Jung-woo (formerly known as Vesta) has been caught boosting in the past, but now the team has released a statement (as translated by Twitter user Ana's Tal Mask) saying that they've included him in the roster for Season 2 of the Contenders development league in Korea.

The team defends Happy by saying the actions happened a year ago and that he has served his six-month ban, having time to reflect. They also say that they've had discussions both externally and internally, deciding that they'd like to give him another chance, adding that they're donating his salary from Season 2 and boosting earnings to the charity ChildFund Korea (as reported by Dot Esports).

Do you think Happy should get another chance?

Photo: Blizzard

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