Meryl Streep's top five performances

The greatest female actor of modern times is Meryl Streep and although it's extremely difficult to choose five films from all her masterful performances, here is our top list...

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Meryl Streep's top five performances


The Deer Hunter (1978)

Meryl Streep's debut role in the gripping, achingly dark 1978 drama thriller earned her an instant Oscar nomination as she played the pants off most everyone (minus Bobby, at the time) in that film and still captivates with stunning presence and a naturalness that makes most of her scenes grab you and make your stomach turn.

Meryl Streep's top five performances


Sophie's Choice (1982)

Polish Holocaust survivor Sophie Zawistowski's attempt to live as normal a life as possible while harbouring a dark secret won Streep an Oscar thanks to a spellbinding performance. Passion, passion, presence... Sparks really fly about Meryl in this old classic.

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Meryl Streep's top five performances


Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

The damage is done, the separation is like an open wound whose scab refuses to set when a family spat ends in a messy custody battle and beyond Hoffman's iconic portrayal of a stressed single dad, it's Streep's role as Joanna Kramer that is the single best part of this remarkable drama. There's a kind of raw honesty to Streep's portrayal here that will forever enchant.

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Meryl Streep's top five performances


The Iron Lady (2011)

There is always too little talk about the film The Iron Lady and then of course primarily about Streep's interpretation of the role. Her ability to step into Margaret Thatcher's shoes and portray her with the same furious strength and steadfastness that she radiated in real life, resulted in a third Oscar statuette that was of course extremely, extremely well deserved.

Meryl Streep's top five performances



Doubt (2008)

She was nominated but unfortunately never won for her role as Sister Aloysius Beauvier in this perennially, painfully underrated film starring Meryl Streep and the tragically deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman. Moral obligation, the difference between race, religion and conviction are all mixed up here in this phenomenally well-written film where Meryl shows a range so wide that it almost becomes silly.

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