MercurySteam: Your task "is basically trolling the raiders"

We talked to MercurySteam boss Enric Álvarez about Raiders of the Broken Planet.

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Raiders of the Broken Planet is not your typical shooter. While at a glance its aestehtics can be compared to many others, this is a story-based FPS that lets you play both sides, the good guys (Raiders) and the not so good guys (the Antagonist). How do you pick which one to play as? Enric Álvarez, co-founder of MercurySteam and director of the game, helps you out.

"It heavily depends on the mission, because this game is mission based, so maybe you are very good as Antagonist in one mission and terrible in another one and vice versa when you play as a Raider. So I think it depends, first of all, on the mission; second, on how evil you feel, because the Antagonist mission is basically trolling the raiders so you don't need to feel sorry for them. If you feel sorry for them, better don't try because they are going to have a hard time with you. On the contrary, if you feel like a good teammate, someone that wants to eradicate evil from the world, then you may want to play as a raider alongside other three people to defeat the evil factions."

Data from the beta tests reveals that there are people playing just one side or another, but most players try both sides. According to Álvarez, this means that they are looking for different experiences, but also the character selection has something to do with this "complex question".

At Gamescom 2017, MercurySteam ran a live demo of Raiders of the Broken Planet. We asked Álvarez to explain the gameplay for us because this is a good example of the content that players will find in the game and also how the gameplay and the plan changes from one faction to another. You will find it in this video at around the nine minute mark, the interview also covered what the game means for the studio and the studio's other big game, Metroid: Samus Returns.


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