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Men are increasingly getting plastic surgery for their abs

The fake six pack could be more common than you think.

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Recently, we covered that men are increasingly getting jaw surgery in the pursuit of becoming a giga chad. It seems that's not the only surgery men are willing to get to increase their looks.

GQ spoke with Dr Daniel Markmann, a plastic surgeon who is an expert in six pack-etching, a process that effectively removes the last layer of belly fat on a man to give him a more chiselled look. His clientele is now 30% male, and the surgeries they're going for are mostly to improve the look of their abs.

Dr Gregory Lakin also shed some light on the fact that celebrities are also getting this procedure. His patients reportedly include actors, dancers, singers, models, and more, but obviously he couldn't disclose more information on these clients.

Not everyone getting an ab enhancement is a celebrity, but in order to get one, apparently you already need to be in pretty good shape, and you need to be able to keep that shape to preserve the chiselled look.

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Men are increasingly getting plastic surgery for their abs

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