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Men are getting jaw surgery to become 'Chads'

The process sees people getting the jaws broken to have it reshaped into a "manlier" shape.

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Over human history, there have been all manner of strange beauty practices, but as we move further into this era of body positivity, I assumed that we'd see less of these going forward. However, I was clearly wrong.

GQ has published a report which reveals that there is a growing trend among men, which sees them paying to have their jaw broken so that it can be reshaped into a "manlier" shape, all in an effort of becoming an "alpha" or a "Chad". For those unaware of what these terms have to do with jaw reconstruction surgery, Chads are usually depicted with large and very prominent jawlines, hence why men are needing to pay for surgery to achieve the appearance.

According to the report by GQ, the surgery can cost around £17,500 / €20,000, takes weeks of recovery after it has been completed, and is becoming more and more common around the world.

What do you think of this process? Would you pay to have a chin like Henry Cavill or Robert Pattinson?

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Men are getting jaw surgery to become 'Chads'

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