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Mel Gibson may direct Lethal Weapon 5

Gibson is expected to take over the role from the late Richard Donner.

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According to reports, the star of the previous Lethal Weapon movies is in talks to direct Lethal Weapon 5. The idea is that he will take over the helm from Richard Donner, who passed away earlier this year. The film has been in production for some time and Gibson was already involved, along with Donner, but when the latter died of heart and lung failure, Mel Gibson now wants to take over responsibility and complete the project.

It was Gibson himself who, in an interview with the British media, spoke of the plans and this has now been confirmed by several people close to him, although no agreement has been reached at the time of writing. If Gibson gets his way, he will both play the lead role and direct Lethal Weapon 5, a film which, according to both producer Dan Lin and Gibson's co-star Danny Glover, will function as a tribute to a close friend and be very personal. This, of course, is in light of Donner's tragic passing this summer.

It is also said that when/if the film is actually completed, it will end up on HBO Max.

Mel Gibson may direct Lethal Weapon 5

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