Agents of Mayhem

Meet the final team of Agents of Mayhem

A Mr. Freeze clone, a minigun-wielding skater, and a cigar-smoking former drill sergeant.

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Volition has given us quite a few trailers to introduce us to the playable characters in Agents of Mayhem over the last few months, and now we've arrived at the final trio.

"Carnage A Trois" consists of three very unusual characters. Braddock used to be a drill sergeant in the US army, but got tired of LEGION recruiting her trainees and joined MAYHEM. Her background still comes in handy, as she uses her cigar to mark the target for laser mortar strikes that blows her enemies to pieces.

Yeti is also ex-military. He used to be an elite Russian soldier who took part in a super-secret project called "cold-warrior". The result? Agents of Mayhem's version of Mr. Freeze. You might recognise this cool guy (sorry) if you're a Saints Row-fan, as it's actually Oleg.

Daisy is the only one without a military background. The bold and brash woman is actually a roller derby girl, which comes in handy on the battlefield. Her skates combined with a giant minigun makes for one lethal lady.

Which trio will you try first?

Agents of Mayhem

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