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New Tales from the Borderlands

Meet Fran from New Tales from the Borderlands

Fran normally serves frozen yogurt, but right now she is pissed off.

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New Tales from the Borderlands launches exactly one week from now and Gearbox Software is currently running a video series introducing us to the various characters of the adventure. Like Fran. She runs a froyo shop that is in a bit of a pickle.

Read the official description of this lady below and don't forget to check out the video:

"Fran brings all the action from her gadget packed hover chair. Frag's frogurt shop was hit by a Maliwan laser, and now is out for vengeance on the people that destroyed her shop. She'll stop at nothing to protect her friends along the way and hopefully receive the much owed insurance payout, or the insurance company is going to have to deal with her directly."


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