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MediEvil for PlayStation 4 has gone gold

The well-awaited remake of 1998's MediEvil has officially gone gold, Other Ocean Interactive recently revealed.

The Sony-published action-adventure franchise MediEvil has emerged on multiple Sony platforms throughout the years, following the original release on the original PlayStation way back in 1998 but we haven't seen much of the series since 2007. After the remake's announcement in 2017, however, we know we're getting the chance to grab the game once again later this year on October 25 and according to developer Other Ocean Interactive, the game is now fully finished and ready to hit the store shelves next month.

The information comes from the developer's official Twitter account where a photo of a disc of the game accompanied by the following text was posted: "It's the little things. #MediEvil #GoldMaster".

We don't have to wait much longer now. Will you be playing MediEvil?


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