MediEvil and Days Gone coming for PlayStation Now

With some welcome additions, the service will be seeing some unfortunate losses.

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Update: Sony has since announced that Battle Princess Madelyn and Steel Rats will not be coming to the platform this time, but that Double Fine's Rad will instead be filling their spot. You can find the PlayStation Blog post here.

Sony has announced a new round of games that is being added to their subscription service PlayStation Now in October 2020. This new round of titles is headlined by MediEvil and Days Gone (which unfortunately will be removed on January 4 2021). But it is not all fun 'n games, as Just Cause 4 and Watch Dogs 2 will be removed from the service this month.

Here is the full list of October's additions to PlayStation Now:

  • Battle Princess Madelyn

  • Days Gone (Only available until Jan 4th 2021)

  • Friday the 13th

  • MediEvil

  • Steel Rats

  • Trine 4


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