Media Molecule's Siobhan Reddy to receive BAFTA's highest accolade

The studio director is to be awarded for her creative contribution to the industry.

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It has been revealed by BAFTA that Media Molecule's studio director Siobhan Reddy will receive their highest accolade at the BAFTA Games Awards show on Thursday, March 25. The Fellowship award will be given to the industry veteran following an illustrious career that has seen her help bring iconic franchises like Little Big Planet to life at the UK-based studio.

"I am so incredibly honoured and moved to receive the BAFTA Fellowship Award," said Reddy in a press release. "I have been privileged throughout my life and career with incredible support and encouragement. I sincerely hope that my story, voice and support can be useful to others within the games industry. There is still so much to do, the Fellowship provides further motivation for me, and is real encouragement for all of us to care even more about inclusivity, diversity and building a work culture that celebrates creativity."

Reddy has worked at Media Molecule almost since its creation, and has helped create Little Big Planet, Tearaway, and most recently Dreams. Known for its focus on user-generated content, Media Molecule has become known as one of the most creative and inclusive developers, a trait that Reddy as the studio director has helped achieve.

To get a further insight into Media Molecule and Siobhan Reddy's impact on the studio, be sure to check out our Vertical Slice with the iconic developer.

Media Molecule's Siobhan Reddy to receive BAFTA's highest accolade

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