Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor final multiplayer servers go offline

The final nail in the coffin for the long-forgotten franchise.

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In just two days' time, on the 16th of February the servers for Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Airborne, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter will close, bringing an end to the franchise besides a mostly forgotten VR inclusion brought about in 2020.

The last console release for Medal of Honor was Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which launched back in 2012. With the domination of Call of Duty and Battlefield in the FPS market, there hasn't been the space for an old dog like Medal of Honor for some time.

With its first entry releasing back in 1999, Medal of Honor is credited with influencing Call of Duty and Battlefield. It also saw fifteen major titles launching alongside a few expansions, Medal of Honor was a known name in the FPS genre up until 2012.

It's a shame to see a franchise be completely forgotten in this way, but as the times move on, it's clear to see why EA might not be interested in another Medal of Honor title.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter

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