McDonald's in the UK set to restrict the number of Pokémon Happy Meal toy purchases

There will be a limit to additional toy purchases to stop the issues with scalping.

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Pokémon are returning to McDonald's Happy Meals in a few weeks in the UK, but to get ahead of the chaos that ensued when a similar promotion was ran in February, it has been reported that the fast food giant will be restricting the number of additional Pokémon toys you can grab as part of the food order.

There has been no mention as of yet as to what the Pokémon Happy Meals will contain, but considering the success that the former ones achieved with limited-run Pokémon Cards, and McDonald's recent choice to stop offering plastic toys in the meals, it does seem likely that the cards will be returning.

The UK will finally get a chance to get their hands on the cards, although at a restricted rate to counter the problems the fast food chain faced with scalpers buying the meals to sell the cards for a profit the first time around in the US.

It was Nintendo Life who obtained a memo that stated McDonald's restaurants were told that they could only give "one additional toy beyond their Happy Meal allocation", which doesn't seem to allude to an actual limit on Happy Meal purchases. Either way, we'll know more when McDonald's officially reveals what the Pokémon Happy Meal toys, set to be available starting May 19, will be.

McDonald's in the UK set to restrict the number of Pokémon Happy Meal toy purchases

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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