May has been the biggest month for PS5 in the UK in 2022 so far

And yet console sales in the country are down almost 40% this year.

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It seems like despite stock issues, May has been quite the kind one for the latest generation of video game consoles in the United Kingdom, as Gamesindustry has reported that May 2022 has been the best month for the PS5 in the country this year so far.

This doesn't mean a massive jump mind you, as the console's sales are only up 10% over April 2022, which is a reason why the PS5 is sitting as the third best-selling platform in the UK this year.

As for Xbox Series devices, May was a big month for these, with sales of the systems being up 58% over April. There's no word as to how many Xbox Series X/S consoles this amounts to however.

The Switch is facing a slightly tougher time, and is actually down 3% over April 2022. Again, there are not any exact details to the sales figures for the Switch in the UK in May, but what has been reported is that over the month, console sales are up 16% with a total of 106,000 devices sold.

As for how this translates to games, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga continued its dominant run since launch by being the best selling physical game of May, FIFA 22 topped the digital charts for the month, and Nintendo Switch Sports ended up being the best-selling title across both categories (although Nintendo has not actually shared digital sales figures).

May has been the biggest month for PS5 in the UK in 2022 so far

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