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Mata parts ways with Royal Never Give Up

One of League of Legends' best supports is heading back to Korea.

League of Legends support player Cho Se-hyeong, known by most as Mata, has announced he is leaving China and heading home to Korea. Mata is known for helping Korean Samsung White take home the World Championship trophy back in the 2014 World Championships, before heading to China to play for Royal Never Give Up.

Mata didn't see the same success with Royal Never Give Up as he did during his time in Korea, even though the team was successful on home turf. Internationally, the team only made it to the semi-finals of the Mid-Season Invitational and the quarter-finals of last month's World Championships, losing to the ever dominant SKT both times.

Mata will probably keep playing League of Legends, though it's not sure where he's headed right now. It's likely he'll take a break from playing and focus on his personal health for a while, as his post confirming his departure on Facebook cited 'personal health problems.'

Wherever he goes, we'll be keeping an eye on Mata and hope that he makes a swift recovery, and that we'll see him playing again soon. Where would you like to see him go next?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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