Master & Dynamic MW75

The American audio company strikes back with their latest noise-cancelling device, and we're impressed with the musical marvel.

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Wireless headphones continue to be churned out at an almost unheard of pace, especially in the noise cancelling segment where the competition today is nothing short of jaw-dropping. This is why it's all the more interesting when a real gem drops into your lap, and yes, it's Master & Dynamic once again we're talking about with a pair of new headphones designed for audiophiles and technology enthusiasts alike. A small, portable technological triumph that offers not only a first-class sound experience but also almost unrivalled comfort and functionality.

So, what is it that makes the MW75 so exceptionally amazing and makes it stand out in the crowd of other equivalent audio products? To cut to the chase - its balanced sound profile, which is not only full-bodied in its midrange but also offers a downright scandalously crystal-clear treble and resonant bass. In short, this is a pair of headphones designed to accept and excel with all forms of music, whatever you choose to throw at them. The 40mm dynamic elements, made of beryllium, have a cruel precision and low distortion, resulting in an exceptionally rich and detailed sound image.

Master & Dynamic MW75
MW75 is offered in several different colour combinations.

In addition, the active noise cancellation in the MW75 is what I would currently say is in the upper, if not class-leading segment in this price range. The sound isolation with the activate function is almost complete and even the most challenging of noisy environments the headphones can handle without a hint of a problem, all thanks to what Master & Dynamic calls advanced hybrid technology that uses complex software and a whole arsenal of microphones to analyse your surroundings.

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In terms of design, the MW75 is a fantastic evolution of the previous model with a distinctive, elegant and incredibly ergonomic fit. The headphones are made from premium materials, including leather and anodised aluminium, giving them a luxurious feel and robust durability. The earpads are covered with soft memory foam that moulds to the user's ears, ensuring long-lasting comfort even during the longest listening sessions. The adjustable headband is also foldable, making the headphones conveniently portable, and to top it off, they weigh just 295 grams. Something that contributes to a hard-to-beat feeling of airy comfort, without compromising on build quality.

Master & Dynamic MW75Master & Dynamic MW75
Well thought out and stylish.

When it comes to battery life, the MW75 boasts a whopping 28 hours with ANC switched on, and almost 40 without, and the fast charging provides three hours of battery life with only 15 minutes of charging, a reassuring insurance. Connectivity is also extensive and reliable, with both Bluetooth 5.1 and a 3.5mm wired cable. You can also connect the headphones to two devices at the same time, making it ideal for those switching between a computer and mobile phone, for example.

To control the headphones, you are presented with a range of options. On the one hand, the MW75 are equipped with touch controls on the cups, making it both intuitive and responsive to easily adjust volume, change songs or answer an incoming call. But you also have dedicated buttons on the caps (thank goodness) as well as a surprisingly useful dedicated app that not only handles firmware updates but also allows you to further customise the sound through various EQ settings.

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Master & Dynamic MW75Master & Dynamic MW75
Both buttons and touch controls, the choice is yours.

But $600 is after all a considerable sum for a pair of headphones. But for that investment, you also get one of the best-sounding, most comfortable and most thoughtfully designed in this price range, because the MW75 outshines most of the competition and runs circles around the far more expensive AirPods Max. Because with its outstanding sound quality, exquisitely effective noise cancellation, first-class comfort and a whole arsenal of smart features, the Master & Dynamic MW75 offers an almost unparalleled audio experience.

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